Lucky Fun Pack - 100218

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What's luckier than a Lucky Fun Pack of Good Luck Minis®? This pack features symbols of luck from cultures around the world including a frog, a ladybug, a waving cat, a good luck dragon, a Buddha, an elephant, a rabbit and a four-leaf clover. History: Good Luck Minis® are already lucky, but only the Lucky Fun Pack includes eight popular cultural symbols of luck. It's commonly considered lucky if a ladybug lands on you in many parts of the world, rabbits are considered lucky in England, the laughing Buddha is a common symbol of wealth and prosperity, the elephant is considered lucky in many areas of Asia where its raised trunk is believed to shower luck upon all who pass under it, the waving cat or maneki neko is a Japanese symbol of good fortune commonly found in the entrances of businesses and restaurants, frogs are strong symbols of luck in China where they are associated with the moon, and the four leaf clover is one of the most recognized good luck symbols of all.