Shelly's Italian Pasta DIY Slime Kit

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Recommended For Ages 8+ When you thought Slime couldn't get any better or more realistic, it has! Chef Shelly the Jelly has brought you an interactive DIY Slime Kit that will surely fool your eyes and nose. Now you can recreate a wholesome Slimey pasta meal for your friends and family, minus the calories. Each Slime kit combines high quality ingredients to deliver you a dose of science, entertainment and stress relief!  Included In Each Kit Makes (2) 5 oz Slime Servings Scented Glue Activator Instant Snow Mixing Spoon Pasta Pot & Lid Pasta Sauce Jar Faux Penne Noodles Faux Italian Seasoning Faux Parmesan Cheese Cute Food Charms Checkered Napkin Italian Bread Squishy