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The savanna is a mixture of wooded and grassland area that is home to a diverse array of species. While most people think of Africa when they think of savannas, this type of ecosystem is found in other locations, including Australia and North and South America. History: The savanna, also spelled savannah, is often thought of as a grassland without much in the way of trees, but the reality is that trees are quite common on savannas and in some savannas the tree density is greater than that of some forests. Characteristics: This Good Luck Minis® Fun Pack features eight animals of the African savanna, including a rhinoceros, an elephant, a zebra, a hippopotamus, a cheetah, a giraffe, a male lion, and a lioness with cub. Size: Each Good Luck Mini® figurine is approximately an inch long. The Savanna Fun Pack is part of the Good Luck Minis® collection. All of our products are Non-toxic and BPA free. 8 Pieces Per Bag. Contents Cannot Be Purchased Individually.