PBJ's - 48pc Floor Display Replacements

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Purchased one of our PBJ Floor Standing Displays, and already ran out of PBJ's? Easily re-order replacements to restart the squeezing, squishing, and squashing in no time! Each order includes 4 total pieces, with 6 per 8 styles. Buy the entire display using the link: PBJ's - 48pc Floor Display Replacements Features: Delphine/ Dolphin - PBJ105-3 Mako/Shark - PBJ105-1 Inky/Octopus - PBJ105-2 Purrincess/Cat - PBJ104-2 Pusgy Malone/Pug - PBJ125 Wally/Koala - PBJ103-4 Spike/Hedgehog - PBJ103-2 Sizzle/Pig - PBJ104-3