Fox + Hound Rescue Dog K9 Thelma Soy Candle Sweet Orange + S

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FOX + HOUND RESCUE DOG CANDLES "Saving one dog will not change the world, but surely for that one dog, the world will change forever." Fox + Hound would like to introduce you to Our 2nd Rescue Candle, K9 Thelma. Many will recognize Thelma as working k9 @K9thelma, but did you know Thelma is a Rescue? Thelma was found by law enforcement, hungry and alone. She'd lost her litter of puppies. The deputy who found her thankfully gave her a ride to someone who could help her and check her out. They noticed she was "nose to the ground" ALL the time, and decided that she might make a good police K9! After a very short training session in Dooly County, everyone was amazed at her tracking abilities. Thelma was given a purpose to live and was trained by the Dooly County K9 unit for approximately a year. K9 Thelma was graciously donated to the Dodge County Sheriff's Office for the purpose of tracking. K9 Thelma was assigned to Special Response Team Commander, Jeremy Glisson.