Chocolate Snuggly Blanket - Blanket with ultra-soft plush

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At an early age we learn that comfort is the key to a happy kid (oh, and snacks). To help children get in the zone this Chocolate Bar Snuggly Blanket—only from Good Banana—combines the cloud-like touch of a favorite plush animal with the warmth of a great blanket. Whether your child is reading, streaming shows on the couch, or settling down for a power nap, this deliciously furry design invites them to do it with a smile. At 52 inches long and 42 inches wide it can cover most children from toe to chin or serve as the best roof ever in their masterpiece of a living room fort. The decorative foil elements offer an extra touch of wonder, encouraging your little one's imagination as they cover themselves in a giant chocolate bar for some quality time together. • It's a luxuriously soft and furry snuggling blanket • Features the same comfy plush as a favorite stuffed animal • Just the right amount of warmth to get comfy • Perfect for relaxing, reading, gaming and more