Sugar Adds a Little Sweetness to Life

Sugar Adds a Little Sweetness to Life

Enter Sugar in the summer of 2019. Back when pandemics weren’t such a scary thing, and when Sully was still here. Yes, that happened.
I won’t, and my heart can’t dwell on the details, but we lost Sully in a terrible, no good way in the Spring of 2020.

2020 was already shaping up to be not so great, but losing my heart dog seemed almost unbearable. I suffered days I didn’t think would ever end.
Sugar, and her sweet face, would greet me every morning and throughout the days. Somehow it seemed she could never replace Sully, and although that’s true, my heart just needed a chance to open and mend. I needed to love her like Sully loved her. Sugar has made a difference to so many. She not only loves people but has befriended even the unlikeliest of characters. She loves all living things, including lizards and cats and opossums and armadillos and even cows.

She has a gentle way about her and loves children and strangers. We love her and she loves us. She saved me! Her patience and loyalty have been unmatched.
Yes, I miss Sully with all my heart and always will. I still cry over him on some days and I will never ever forget him. He was awesome, beautiful, smart and amazing!

Sugar is adorably sweet and equally beautiful, smart and amazing. She is mine and I am hers and I love sharing her with the world! 

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