A little fabric hoarding is good for you!

So, I hear it all the time, “ I just love your fabric choices!”, “You have such a fun selection of prints!”, “You have so many choices!”. I would say that I easily spend the bulk of our time wandering up and down fabric warehouses searching for fabrics that just “speak to me”. We could easily just select and order online, but that’s no fun! There’s just something about roaming the stacked to the ceiling rows and rows of fabric choices! It’s visual of course, but the fabric has to “feel” right. It has to “drape” right. It has to “smell” right. Well, maybe not that last one, but you get the idea. I can easily spend hours at a time choosing fabric for our projects. I sometimes get it home and wonder if I should have gotten more. I lie awake in bed at night and think of what fabric prints compliment each other. I often just visit the studio so I can just stare at the many beautiful and fun selections we get to create with! 

We don’t always end up using every choice, and we don’t make large quantities of each print. We feel like each pet is an individual just as much as you or I. We make smaller numbers of each design so that the design you select makes you a part of a select and lucky group to own that limited edition “The Sully Co.” product. There are a few exceptions, such as our toys and a few of the crazy popular prints that it would just feel wrong to not share with more of our customers! 

If we are out of a print or style that you just can’t get outta your mind, send us an email at thesullyco@yahoo.com and we’ll see what we can do! It might just be possible that we’re hoarding a few extras in the back because we love them so much!

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